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22 September 2014

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dulu kencannya di warteg atau pinggir jalan.. sekarang juga masih. hoho
Years ago ( we are lose in count) suami prohemer asked me to be his girlfriend. Literally. Iyes.. in english mamak. That why i post this in english belepotan. 

I asked him to give me one week, to considering his proposal. Uyehhhh... common moves yee.. sell expensive gitu.

He repllied " I asked you once. Only once. I will never asked you again. Give me the answer right now or this is it"

Ya Allah.. ini lakik. Eike melted. So i said yes. Daripada diajak TTM doang pan. Dan saya itu lemah sama lakik tinggi-berdada bidang-pintar. Even i hate how he uses hat everyday. Hate it.

Happy anniversary ya Suami.. meski dimulai dengan jalan pacaranpacaran ndak berkah itu, semoga chapter ini berkah ya. Terima kasih ya.. dan mohon sabar.. mohon bimbingannya. Like i said.. i will follow you to anywhere.. so please guide me (ples thesee little our precious) to heaven.
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